Welcome SignIn order to better serve the lesbian and gay community, I have decided to publish a blog dedicated to the legal issues relevant to the LGBT community in Connecticut.  I will, of course, post on national issues that affect the LGBT community and welcome you to do the same.  Please understand that I can not offer legal advice on this blog (see disclaimer), so please do not post comments asking for legal advice.

I also want to warn you that if you choose to visit this blog regularly, you will likely be subjected to my off-beat sense of humor.  After a long day at the office, there will be nights that I will vent my frustrations and possibly even post about subjects that are not exactly “legal” issues.  I hope you will enjoy those forays into my thought process.

You are cordially invited to visit Attorney O’s Midnight Musings:  Connecticut Law which is the general blog for my law office.

For more information on legal topics and those specific to the LGBT community, you may also visit my website at www.ireneolszewski.com.

Welcome and thank you for visiting.  I hope you will become a regular participant.


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