The Hysteria Over Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Cake Male

Is it me or is anyone else out there getting really tired of the irrational hysteria over the gay marriage issue? The opposition’s logic never seems to hold up, no matter how hard I try to understand it.

I was standing in court one morning a few years ago waiting for the judge to take the bench. This is a true story, I swear. The whole issue of civil unions was the new “hot topic” in Connecticut at the time and some people apparently feared that granting civil unions would ultimately lead to gay couples fighting for the right to actually marry. (Can you imagine that? Couples fighting for the right to get married?) Okay, so I was minding my own business and trying not to look overly bored when a lawyer who happened to be standing next to me decided to make idle chit chat. I’d seen him around plenty of times and he was obviously an experienced lawyer with finely honed oratory skills. He was a middle aged guy and seemed nice enough. Until he opened his mouth. He leaned over into my personal space and said, “so what do you think of this whole gay marriage thing?” The question appeared to have come out of thin air and before I had a chance to respond he stated with obvious authority, “if you let those gay people get married, there will be more gay people.” Honest, he actually said that! I was trying to do the math in my head and while I admit that I can’t do anything but the simplest math without a calculator, well, his logic just didn’t add up. (Must be that “new math”). I didn’t bother to dignify his comment with a response although I admit that I was tempted to point out the flaw in his thought process.Women in Garden

Think this through. If a gay person marries another gay person, don’t we still have just two gay people? It’s not as if those two gay people will exponentially increase in number once some justice of the peace suddenly pronounces them legally married. Well, not according to that “old math” I learned in grade school.

What if that married gay couple decides to have children? According to my esteemed colleague’s logic, all of those children will automatically be gay, right? Yeah. It’s kind of like when two straight people get married and have children … and all of those children are automatically straight. Right. Um, then where did all the gay people come from in the first place? I think you’re following me here.

Massachusetts legalized gay marriage a while back and the state didn’t suddenly become overrun by gay people. As far as I can tell, the straight people are still alive and well in the Commonwealth. Connecticut legalized gay marriage last year and by my count, the gay population hasn’t suddenly taken over this state either. All the straight people I know are still straight — and all the gay people I know are still gay. Not much has changed here in good old Connecticut. It’s life as usual — except that a segment of the population who were previously denied a basic human right now have the right to marry the person they love.


2 comments on “The Hysteria Over Gay Marriage

  1. jamman says:

    Your fake story about a man speaking to you about gay marriage is BS. The fact is that there are virtually no people seeking to be gay married. We can look at any of the dozen countries where ir-gender marriage has been allowed for almost ten years in some cases and we find that in none of these countries has gay marriage come close to approaching even 1/2 of 1% of the marriages. That is why the majority of people will vaguely shrug their shoulders when asked about this topic.

    But the truth to serious logical honest purveyors of public normative cultures is something that you tunnel-visioned perverts don’t get. Were all afforded the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, eh? I guess then that if two brothers walk into the court house and ask for a marriage license, we should all turn a blind eye and allow it eh?

    What? Against, incest? Why…that is just because of two thousand years of cultural conditioning… you know…I call it….HERMANO-PHOBIA. Why…any two adults in a loving consensual relationship should be allowed to be married, right?

    • ireneolszewski says:

      I guess you really haven’t been paying attention! You are certainly entitled to your opinion, jamman, but it doesn’t mean it’s fact-based. And FYI, my “fake” story happens to be true.

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