HRC and Stonewall Democrats Fight Prop 1 in Maine

Readers, I received the following e-mail from the HRC and rather than paraphrase it, I thought I’d just post it for those of you interested in joining the fight. There is also a link at the end to view the ad HRC is running to combat the anti-gay crusaders’ inaccurate advertising spots.

Below the HRC e-mail, I am posting an article from dated August 25, 2009. Let’s not allow another California Prop 8 nightmare to happen in Maine.


hrc-logoDear Friend,

Help run this incredibly effective ad from the campaign to defend marriage equality
in Maine. Donate to HRC’s Maine Marriage PAC.

The next big battle is here, and we need your help. The same anti-equality forces that spent millions and spread lies to pass Proposition 8 in California have set their sights on Maine. The National Organization for Marriage, Focus on the Family and the PR firm behind Prop. 8 have gone East to overturn the marriage equality law that passed this spring.

There’s a lot riding on the outcome of this vote – marriage equality for Maine and momentum for our fight nationwide.

HRC has been on the ground in Maine for months, working with local groups across the state and the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign. Will you help run this amazing new ad produced by the campaign and bolster our efforts?

Watch the ad and donate to help run it in key markets – 100% of your gift will go straight to the fight for equality in Maine.

We have less than 60 days until Mainers will vote on a Prop. 8-style initiative that would void the marriage equality law enacted this spring.

We’ve received word that right-wing groups have already spent $600,000 to blanket the state with anti-marriage ads. We can count on a campaign fueled by distortion and lies, just like we saw in California last year.

We need to fight back with the truth. And let me be clear: a victory in Maine is within our reach… But we need more support early in the game.

Were there lessons in California? Certainly. One key lesson was that not enough people invested early to defeat Prop. 8. We can’t let that happen again.

Did you know that an early contribution is, literally, three times more valuable to a campaign than one given at the end? It’s true.

Invest directly in this critical effort – give to the HRC Maine Marriage PAC.

This isn’t just about Maine. We can stop these anti-equality forces – and when we do, we’ll help protect and defend marriage equality everywhere. Thank you for your help.


Joe Solmonese

Editor’s Note: Watch the AD and donate to the cause by clicking on this link: HRC TV SPOT


Editor’s Note: The following was published on

August 25, 2009

Gay Dems to Party: Maine Needs $25K
By Chris Jai Centeno

The Stonewall Democrats, Stonewall Democratsa large grassroots LGBT organization dedicated to protecting equality and civil rights, is asking the Democratic National Committee for $25,000 for a campaign to mobilize against Proposition 1.

The Prop. 1 campaign battle is heating up in Maine, with Stand for Marriage Maine leading an effort to repeal the state’s legislatively passed marriage equality law — which was signed by Gov. John Baldacci in May. The law, which was due to go into effect in September, will be halted pending results of the November election, with Stand for Marriage Maine having delivered more than 100,000 signatures to the secretary of state’s office to qualify for the ballot. The organization has so far raised $343,000 in its efforts to ban same-sex marriage in the state.

“Today, the frontline in the battle to secure basic fairness and equal opportunity is in Maine,” interim executive director of the Stonewall Democrats Kyle R. Bailey wrote in a letter addressed to the DNC, which was posted on “Success in Maine on this front is critical to push back those forces that seek to resist change we can believe in — those same forces that are working to prevent health care reform, to prevent the expansion of workers’ rights, to prevent us from holding reckless Wall Street executives accountable for their actions, and to prevent us from enacting meaningful immigration reform that lifts people up.”

Last year, the DNC contributed the amount requested to California for its battle against Prop. 8.


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  1. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

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