Gay Marriage Doesn’t Harm Children … the Maine Prop 1 Debate Continues.’s Gay Rights section is a wonderfully informative blog on national and international issues relevant to the gay and lesbian community. I want to share a post I read on that blog tonight:

Gay Marriage Doesn’t Harm Kids. But Lies Do.

by Michael A. Jones

categories: Gay Marriage, LGBT Education, LGBT Rights and Politics, Marriage Equality, State LGBT News

Published September 16, 2009 @ 08:50AM PT

Opponents of marriage equality in Maine took to the airwaves yesterday with an advertisement that said LGBT people (specifically, in their words, “homosexual marriage”) would be a threat to children and taught in schools. The advertisement is dishonest, plays up on fears, and distorts the truth about Maine’s same-sex marriage law. So what’s an activist to do?

Hit back with an advertisement that completely disarms the negativity and misrepresentations championed by people who hate on same-sex marriage. That’s what the No on 1 Campaign did today, with a new ad that tells the truth about same-sex marriage, and what will and won’t be taught in Maine’s public schools.

The ad features Maine teacher Sherri Gould, who has been teaching in Maine since 1983. According to Gould, what’s taught in the classroom is fairness and decency. “We teach respect and Maine values. That will never change.”

That’s right. Respect. Fairness. Decency. Those are the things that are taught in Maine public schools. It’s too bad that opponents of marriage equality in Maine can’t go back and take a few classes themselves on these subjects. Instead they rely on tired and false innuendo to suggest that gays and lesbians pose a public threat. That’s not decent or fair. It’s downright manipulative. And Maine voters will know the difference.

Check out the No on 1 ad below:

Editor’s Note: I have added the following videos for your viewing pleasure.

The anti-gay First Maine Yes On 1 ad appears below:

Here’s a parody on the Maine Yes On 1 ad released by Campaign Against Hate on YouTube. I couldn’t resist including it. Nice illustration of the hysteria caused by irrational fear and heterosexism:


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