Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Bill Giving Domestic Patners Right to Claim Partner’s Body …


Rhode Island’s Governor Donald L. Carcieri vetoed a bill giving domestic partners the right to claim the bodies of — and make funeral arrangements for — their partners.

RI Gov CarcieriThe governor wrote the following in his veto message:

“This bill represents a disturbing trend over the past few years of the incremental erosion of the principles surrounding traditional marriage, which is not the preferred way to approach this issue.”

“If the General Assembly believes it would like to address the issue of domestic partnerships, it should place the issue on the ballot and let the people of the state of Rhode Island decide.”

This is just what the LGBT community needs … another excuse to put an important issue to the voters … and let hysteria rule yet again. Is this type of logic getting old or am I?

Read H2594: An Act Relating to Business & Professions — Funeral Director/Embalmer Funeral Service Establishments. [Pay particular attention to section 2].

Read: Carcieri Vetos Bill Allowing Partners to Plan Funerals. [Source: Providence Journal]

Note that even before Connecticut legalized civil union and same-sex marriage, the legislature passed a statute — that while NOT specific to lesbian and gay couples or domestic partners of opposite sexes — allowed a person to name another person who is not related by blood, to claim the deceased’s body and make funeral arrangements. Connecticut also allows same-sex couples to execute a host of other legal documents of protection.

Cudos to Connecticut lawmakers.

Two thumbs down to Rhode Island’s Governor Donald L. Carcieri.


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