Home Study Required for Co-Parent Adoptions but May Be Waived for Step-Parent Adoptions in Connecticut

If you and your partner have not entered into civil union or marriage and one of you desires to become the legal co-parent of the other person’s biological child in the State of Connecticut, the Probate Court will require that a home study be conducted in order to determine issues such as the needs of the child and the ability of the proposed adoptive parent to meet those needs. If you are married to your partner or have entered into civil union, the Probate Court may still require a home study, but the judge has the discretion to waive such a home study in a step-parent adoption.

The Probate Court does NOT arrange for the home study. You are responsible for contacting a licensed agency and for paying the fee to the agency conducting the study. If you are indigent, however, you may request that DCF conduct the study at no charge to you. Be warned, though, that commencing a DCF study usually delays your adoption because of their heavy caseload. It is almost always faster to employ the services of a private agency.

If a home study is required in your adoption action, please be patient. Unfortunately, agencies have specific state-mandated requirements that must be met in order to conduct and submit a home study to the court.

Remember, a home study is conducted in order to protect the needs and interests of your child. It is important to cooperate fully with the investigator and to provide all requested information promptly.


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