New Jersey Legislators Backing Off Support of Gay Marriage Temporarily

New Jersey lawmakers are waffling on their decision to push a gay marriage bill through to Governor Corzine before he leaves office. According to an article in the New York Times:

Some Democratic legislative leaders — including the majority leader, Stephen M. Sweeney, who will become Senate president in January — have said that they view Governor Corzine’s loss as a gauge of the public’s unease with the troubled economy, and fear that voters might resent elected officials who appear distracted by social issues. He said he did not think this was the right time to enact the bill.

Other Democrats worried that if they passed a same-sex-marriage bill while Mr. Corzine was on his way out of office, they might anger voters, energize Mr. Christie’s conservative base and alienate socially traditional Democrats.

Gay marriage supporters are upset and frustrated. They have grown tired of fighting only to be told time and again that they’ll have to wait for the right time for lawmakers to get behind the cause.

Read Some Democrats Back Off Bid to Legalize Gay Marriage in New Jersey.

[Source: New York Times]

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