5 Years After Same-Sex Marriage Legalized In Massachusetts Divorce Rate Has Dropped

I was not at all surprised to read that 5 years after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage, the institution of marriage hasn’t fallen apart, as opponents would have had us all believe. Provisional 2008 data from the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Report shows that divorce in that state has actually dropped. In fact, Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the nation.

For those who missed this article, originally published in September, 2009, I offer the following link:

Read: Low Massachusetts divorce rate another defeat for same-sex marriage opponents

It will be interesting to read future data on the impact of same-sex marriage on Connecticut divorce rates. I am rather sure we won’t find that marriage in Connecticut has suddenly unraveled now that same-sex couples are allowed to marry here.

[Source: Examiner.com]


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