Human Rights Campaign Demands Equality in 2010 and Needs Your Support

I received the following e-mail from Cathy Nelson, HRC Vice President for Development and Membership and am posting it here for your information and review. If you are able to support the HRC and/or any organization fighting for LGBT rights, now is the time to do it.

I’ve spent the last 20 years fighting for equality with HRC and lately I’ve noticed a clear intensification of right wing efforts. Emboldened by their win in Maine, anti-LGBT groups aren’t just trying to prevent new victories – they’re trying to take away rights we’ve already secured.

From the hate crimes bill to repealing marriage equality in more states, they’re going after our victories – and much of it is under the radar.

So, during this critical membership drive, I asked my team to pull together a short video about the new attacks and how we’re fighting back.

Watch the video, join HRC for 2010, and give us the resources we need to defeat them.

Join with a gift of $35 or more, and we’ll send you this stylish metal water bottle as our way of saying thanks.

The radical right is trying to deny the humanity and power of millions of Americans who are fighting on the right side of history:

* Just after the Hate Crimes Prevention Act passed in October, right-wing pastors held a protest outside the U.S. Department of Justice that was designed to get them arrested and prove that the bill would violate free speech. (They weren’t, and it doesn’t.)
* They’re trying to overturn marriage equality in more states. As the National Organization for Marriage boasted in a victorious email to supporters, “If we can win in Maine, WE CAN WIN ANYWHERE!”
* It’s not just inflammatory words. They’re spending money. Over the holidays, they blanketed the Washington, D.C. transit system with ads against marriage equality. In 2009 they spent $1 million in New Jersey alone, and another $1.5 million in Maine, on TV ads, flyers delivered directly to voters’ mailboxes, and millions of automated “robo-calls.”

Your membership today will help fund a massive campaign to go head-to-head with groups like this, from Capitol Hill to the doorsteps, town halls, and state legislatures where marriage equality is won.

We have the grassroots strength across the country to get it done. And we have the strategic expertise to maximize every dollar.

But we need 2,010 people to pitch in before January 20th and help us hold our members of Congress accountable for what they have yet to do.

Please, check out this short video – then help us take back the movement in 2010 by joining HRC today.

Watch: HRC Video

Thank you for standing with us. We can win in 2010, with your help.


Cathy Nelson
Vice President for Development and Membership

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