Rep. Beth Bye Looks to Eliminate Statute of Limitations on Childhood Sexual Abuse Crimes

Author’s Note: I don’t normally post the same articles on both of my blogs but this one felt important enough to break my own rule. I apologize to those of you who also follow my “Attorney O’s Midnight Musings” blog on a regular basis that I don’t have something different to post here tonight …

Under current law, a victim of childhood sexual abuse has until age 48 to file a civil lawsuit against the offender. Given the nature of the crimes and the emotional difficulties so many victims face in trying to come to terms with what happened to them, any statute of limitations on such crimes seems criminal in itself. Beth-Bye-HeadshotThankfully, Rep. Beth Bye feels the statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse crimes should be eliminated.

According to an article posted on WFSB’s website, Rep. Bye believes that all victims of childhood sexual abuse should be allowed to file a civil lawsuit no matter how old they are. There will be public hearings on the issue in the near future as the issue is slated to go before the Judiciary Committee.

“In child sexual abuse, because children repress memories, that’s exactly why we need to open up the statute of limitations because we don’t know when there might be a triggering event,” Bye said. “We’re trying to protect people who were abused as children.”

I agree wholeheartedly and applaud the efforts of Rep. Beth Bye.

Read: Some Look To Eliminate Child Sex Abuse Law


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