Working Toward Marriage Equality for Gay and Lesbian Couples in All 50 States

As I write this, gay and lesbian couples can legally marry in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa and the District of Columbia.

California allowed same-sex marriage just long enough for gay couples to rejoice that they finally had the right to marry … then Proposition 8 came along and took away that right. California is now in the unique position of having three distinct segments of people: straight folks who have always had the right to marry, lesbian and gay citizens who aren’t allowed to marry, and that lucky group of same-sex couples who got married just under the gun.

Then there’s the whole Maine nightmare. Gay and lesbian couples won the right to marry but before the law took effect, it was taken away by one of those homophobic and hateful referendums. At this point, I must admit that I now consider the “R” word to be an obscenity.

I read with interest an editorial published by the Gay & Lesbian Times in which the publication encourages us to Let Our Nation’s Capital Lead by Example. It’s an insightful post that’s worth a read.

Of course, there are still all of those homophobes who appear to have nothing better to do all day than try to prevent decent, loving human beings from enjoying the simple right to marry the person they love. It’s sad that in a supposedly enlightened society — in the year 2010, no less — closed minded people can’t focus their energies on doing good things for their fellow citizens. Perhaps discrimination is easier for them. How sad.

Organizations such as Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington were quick to add their hateful views to the equation. Just one day before gay marriage was scheduled to begin in D.C., it changed its policies to limit employee health care benefits to avoid having to provide coverage to same-sex couples. I’m sure its mucky mucks are proud.

As for me, I’m proud to practice law in Connecticut, where gay and lesbian rights are alive and well. Not a day goes by when I don’t hope and pray that the rest of the country will stop its collective foolishness and join the 5 states and the District of Columbia in granting marriage equality to ALL of its citizens. What is all of The Hysteria Over Gay Marriage?

[Thanks to Gay Marriage News for the jumping off point tonight]


2 comments on “Working Toward Marriage Equality for Gay and Lesbian Couples in All 50 States

  1. Sunny says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when my loving partner and I could walk down the aisle with an actual marriage license, but that day finally came for us. I am grateful to live in Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal. We have friends in Maine who were so excited about being able to get married there but as we all know that never happened. How long will it take for people to get their heads out of the sand?

  2. Tony says:

    Sunny, you are blessed to live in a state that recognizes your love and allows marriage. Why can’t all states give us the rights we deserve? One state at a time, I guess. I just hope I live long enough to be able to marry my partner in our home state of Pennsylvania.

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