A Round-Up of Gay and Lesbian News

There seems to be a lot going on in the gay and lesbian world these days so I’m going to post a round-up of news items that may be of interest to you.

Gay marriage haters hated the new [Committee on Standards of Official Conduct] rules because they viewed it as Congress’ backdoor attempt to recognize same-sex marriages. And gay marriage lovers also hated the new rules, because they required the gays to make federal disclosures when the federal government doesn’t even recognize them as married …” — Queerty

“Due to the inability of activists to gain enough signatures, the vote to repeal Proposition 8, an amendment which restricted constitutional marriage to opposite-sex couples, will remain off the ballot in November.” — The Santa Clara

Travel buffs may be interested to know that Nepal’s new government wants to become Asia’s biggest gay tourism destination! — World Hum

Utah is now the only state that prohibits adoption by a ‘cohabitating’ couple. — Q Salt Lake

“Texas attorney general Greg Abbott is fighting to prevent the legal recognition of same-sex divorce, out of concern that doing so would undermine the state’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages, even those legal in other states.” — The Raw Story

“Under [Ontario’s] new curriculum, gender identity and sexual orientation will be taught in grade 3, in a section that also includes lessons on healthy eating and personal safety.” — Ottawa Citizen

For those interested in supporting gay marriage in Australia, there’s a new Facebook page. — Gay Marriage Word

Six Service Members Handcuffed Themselves to White House Fence in ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Protest on Tuesday. — Towleroad

The president of Bolivia has said that eating chicken turns men gay. “The chicken we eat is loaded with female hormones. So, when men eat it, they tend to deviate from their manhood,” he says — Pink News

“The Vatican’s second-highest authority says the sex scandals haunting the Roman Catholic Church are linked to homosexuality and not celibacy among priests.” — Yahoo News

The famous “Archie” comic strip now has an openly gay character. — Wicked Gay Blog

“Gay couples in state-sanctioned domestic partnerships, civil unions or same-sex marriages often pay higher taxes because they do not get the federal tax benefits that go with marriage.” Gay Executive

President Obama’s memorandum on hospital visitation rights for gay and lesbian couples was not an executive order. — United We Stand


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