Catholic School in Massachusetts Won’t Enroll Child with Lesbian Parents

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Catholic School: No Students With Lesbian Parents Allowed
by Michael A. Jones May 12, 2010 03:51 PM (PT) Topics: LGBT Families, Religion and LGBT Rights

Got two moms or two dads? Don’t expect to be allowed to enroll in St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham, Massachusetts.

At least that’s the story coming out of the Boston Archdiocese today, as one lesbian mom (speaking on condition of anonymity because she wanted to protect her eight-year-old son) spilled the details of a conversation she had with the principal of St. Paul Elementary and her parish priest. The mom had hoped to enroll her son in St. Paul Elementary this coming Fall, and indeed, the son was originally accepted.

But this week, the mom was told by the parish priest that lesbian parents live in “discord” with God’s laws. As such, there will be no elementary school education for her child at St. Paul.

The mom spoke to the Associated Press, who said that she’s baffled that Catholic schools would punish eight-year-olds over disagreements about same-sex relationships.

“I’m accustomed to discrimination, I suppose, at my age and my experience as a gay woman,” the mother said. “But I didn’t expect it against my child.”

This marks the second time in recent weeks where children have been given the big boot from Catholic schools because the kids have same-sex parents. The other case is out of Colorado, where a pre-schooler was told that he’ll have to flee Catholic schools at the end of this semester because he has two moms.

During times like these, it’s apt to think of some words from Marian Wright Edelman. She’s the head of the Children’s Defense Network, of course, and she’s also a Changemaker right here on Several years ago, Edelman dropped this nugget of wisdom, which seems pretty apt in a situation like this.

“When Jesus Christ asked little children to come to him, he didn’t say only rich children, or White children, or children with two-parent families, or children who didn’t have a mental or physical handicap,” Edelman said. “He said, ‘Let all children come unto me.’”

Don’t you just wish these Catholic schools — both the one in Colorado and this new one in Massachusetts — would take those words to heart just once, instead of throwing pre-schoolers and eight-year-olds under the bus just to score some political points on gay marriage?

Talk about being in “discord” with God’s laws. Maybe this parish priest in Massachusetts should eat his own words.

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Michael Jones is a Editor. He has worked in the field of human rights communications for a decade, most recently for Harvard Law School.

UPDATE 5/13/10: Boston Archdiocese: Children of Same-Sex Couples Not Prohibited From Attending Catholic Schools



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4 comments on “Catholic School in Massachusetts Won’t Enroll Child with Lesbian Parents

  1. Jim says:

    The whole thing is shameful. I am hoping that the Boston Archdiocese gives the people at St. Paul’s a good tongue lashing. I just wonder if it was lip service for the press or sincerity?

    No child should be discriminated against due to his or her parents’ sexuality. Enough, already.

  2. Tom D. says:

    Will this ever end?

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