New York Offers “Committment Ceremonies” to Gay & Lesbian Couples … Not Marriage Licenses

It’s not bad enough that New York failed the gay and lesbian community back in December when the New York Senate voted down gay marriage. Now that state has decided to make some quick cash from same-sex couples by offering them “Commitment Ceremonies” for 35 bucks a pop.

According to Reuters:

Now [New York] city is hoping to attract same-sex partners to its marriage bureau, which underwent a $12.3 million renovation and re-opened last year in a direct challenge to Las Vegas as a destination for people to get married. The bureau features a floral and bridal gift shop and two simple, yet elegant chapels where couples are married by a marriage clerk.

It might be a pretty little ceremony. One might almost get sucked in to all that ambiance. Almost.

The hitch, if you’ll pardon the unfortunate pun, is that gay and lesbian couples walk away with a souvenir certificate of the event — NOT a marriage license.

I don’t know about you, but I find this little tourist stunt to be highly offensive. The Big Apple can keep its commitment ceremonies.

Read: New York begins gay couple commitment ceremonies



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One comment on “New York Offers “Committment Ceremonies” to Gay & Lesbian Couples … Not Marriage Licenses

  1. Bob Durango says:

    I found your blog tonight and spent quite a bit of time reading through your archives. Thanks for some great posts.

    In response to NY: You refuse to legalize gay marriage then you insult us further by making a mockery of our relationships by offering a cheap substitute for 35 bucks? NOT! Shame on you, NY.

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