Iceland’s Parliament Votes in Favor of Gay Marriage

While there’s plenty going on here in the U.S. regarding gay rights, I thought I’d pass along the news that Iceland’s Parliament recently voted to change its marriage laws so that marriage is the legal union of two individuals and not only of a man and a woman.

Domestic partnerships will no longer be available to same-sex couples in Iceland. Rather, if this law is ratified, gay couples will have the option to marry.

Read: Iceland parliament votes for gay marriage

Read: Iceland passes gay marriage law in unanimous vote



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2 comments on “Iceland’s Parliament Votes in Favor of Gay Marriage

  1. davidwperry says:

    There is currently much speculation about the arrival of gay “marriage”. Three things need to be kept in mind.

    First, marriage is the union of a man and a woman and is a universal social arrangement and not the preserve of any particular religion. It exists to provide a stable setting for male to female genital sexual intercourse and the children to which such intercourse gives rise.

    Second, if gay marriage is brought in, will there in the interests of equality be legislation to the effect that lack of consummation of a marriage no longer provides grounds for declaring the marriage null and void? That must surely be the case if same sex couples are to be described as married, since by definition they are incapable of male to female genital intercourse.

    Third, those campaigning for gay marriage cannot succeed without redefining what is meant by marriage. It would be helpful if the British Parliament were to agree the definition of marriage before any legislation is introduced about same sex “marriage”. This will bring a welcome degree of transparency to the debate.

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