Connecticut’s Love Makes A Family PAC

For those who didn’t receive an e-mail from Love Makes A Family regarding the continued existence of its Political Action Group (PAC), I am re-printing it in its entirety below:

Meet the new LMF PAC Board

As you know, Love Makes a Family closed their doors at the end of last year, having accomplished their mission of securing marriage equality for same-sex couples in Connecticut.

But even as they made the decision to close Love Makes a Family, they wanted to be very clear that the electoral arm of the organization–Love Makes a Family Political Action Committee (LMF PAC)– continues to play a strong role in electing candidates who support LGBT civil rights.

Meet the new LMF PAC Board:

Executive Board
Martin L. Heft, Chairman
Daniel Beltran, Secretary
Maria Agramonte-Gomez, Treasurer
Glenn Koetzner, Technology Coordinator

Board Members
Erik Anderson
Chris Argyros
Nancy Dart
Susan Holmes
Rev. Aaron Miller
Amy Miller
Jamie Mills
Mark Ojakian
Gretchen Raffa
Maureen Travis

LMF PAC is volunteer-run, and is an active, visible and powerful political force. In the coming months we will need volunteers across the state willing to be our eyes and ears-and feet on the ground-to ensure that LMF PAC endorses pro-equality candidates and helps them win in November. If you’d like to volunteer this year, you can email me at
Why LMF PAC is needed:

1. End transgender discrimination: Expanding Connecticut’s non-discrimination laws to include gender identity or gender expression will be a priority for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied communities in 2011. It is critical that we elect individuals who will support passage of a bill to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

2. Protect our friends/challenge our opponents: We must support legislators who voted for the marriage codification law in 2009 and hold accountable those legislators who voted against full equality for our families.

3. Maintain our voice and our political power–but not without you!
Connecticut has a long and proud history of expanding protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens. With the legislature’s 2009 codification of the Kerrigan marriage equality ruling, same-sex couples and their families finally gained full equality under state law.

In the coming months we will need volunteers across the state willing to be our eyes and ears-and feet on the ground-to ensure that LMF PAC endorses pro-equality candidates and help them win in the August 10th Primary and the November 2nd Election.

Stay informed–get involved!

We hope you will check back to our website to get updates on endorsements, view candidate profiles, and find out about volunteer opportunities in your area. Until then, we invite you to share your input and let us know you want to get involved by emailing me at, becoming a fan of LMF PAC on Facebook and following us on Twitter.


Martin L. Heft

Love Makes a Family PAC | P.O. Box 3014 New Britain, CT 06050-3014 |
Paid for by Love Makes a Family PAC. Maria Agramonte-Gomez, Treasurer



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