Stop Gay Bullying NOW!

In the wake of the recent tragic deaths of multiple teens who ended their lives as the result of gay bullying, it seems the entire country is waking up to this horrible epidemic. It’s not that this is a new phenomenon. Hardly. The simple fact is that suicides by teens who have been bullied for being gay — or perceived as being gay — has increased at an alarming rate.

Whether you are gay or straight, you have a moral obligation to end this craziness. No person should be bullied to the point of suicide. That is unconscionable no matter what your beliefs. It’s time to stop gay bullying. Now.

Ellen DeGeneres is taking a strong stand against bullying in response to the recent suicides of teens who had been bullied or teased and she’s not alone.

Recent news items on the issue of gay bullying:

Coming Out Day Marked by More Gay Teen Suicides

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Make It Better Project

It Gets Better Project

This was an interesting piece:

Gay Bullying Deaths and Religion: Are Believers the Problem or the Solution? [Politics Daily]

‘The View’: What Causes Gay Bullying?

The Torture of Anti-Gay Bullying

<a href=”“>LKL – Celebrities Speak Out On Gay Bullying – Pt. 1/4

In the wake of the recent teen suicides, a Mormon leader still saw fit to broadcast a strong anti-gay message in his sermon. Boyd K. Packer, the second-highest Mormon leader, said same-sex attraction is “impure and unnatural” and can be overcome, and that same-sex unions are morally wrong and “against God’s law and nature.”

This is plain scary, not to mention offensive:

Take action by signing the HRC’s open letter to Boyd K. Packer:

Mormon leader gives anti-gay sermon after suicides



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4 comments on “Stop Gay Bullying NOW!

  1. […] is responding to the recent suicides of 5 gay teens by demanding action, tolerance and education to stop gay bullying. McCance chooses to spread hate (and obvious ignorance) […]

  2. Lexz Pryde says:

    Are you aware of the seriousness in verbal abuse? A.k.a bullying at its best! Sometimes hurtful words can cause more pain than physical abuse and In this case it can lead to suicide! Nowadays bullying can happen anywhere and because the internet is becoming a main source of communication it is also becoming a main cause of bullying! It saddens me to think that above all the pressures of being a young student and learning to adjust to the overwhelming pressures of everyday life such as school work, finding a source of income, applying to collages, peer pressure, and to top it off trying to fit in the stereotype of “cool”. To me being “cool” consists of being different, unique and having the potential of standing up for what is right and not settling for what may be “cool” at that moment. In a young mind it is very common to do things on impulse unaware that serious consequences can accrue down the road. For me it was always very important to consider other peoples feelings and when being a witness to bullying never allowing it to reach its full potential. During high school I witnessed many bullying incidents and made it clear that these victims have feelings and different intentions and we need to learn to accept people for who they are because America was built on diversity and freedom of expressing oneself so who are “you” to speak upon someone else’s looks, clothes, friends, personality, or love interest? Like a snowflake NO two people are alike so lets learn to embrace the beauty in being different!

    If anyone is being a victim of bullying please know there is help! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem! and remember “10 years from now it wont matter the shoes you wore or the friends you had what will matter is the person you become!”

  3. Katerin says:

    I think that people who are being bullied have to learn to stand up for themselves at times

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:


      I doubt it’s that simple. Bullying generally takes place over an extended period of time and is often shared by a group of people who bully one individual. It’s not about the person being bullied having to stand up for him or herself, it’s about the rest of us not engaging in bullying and taking a hard stance against those who do. Don’t blame the victim, blame the bully.

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