Westboro Baptist Church Picketers at Elizabeth Edwards’ Funeral Outnumbered

The “God-Hates-Everyone-But-The-Folks-At-Westboro-Baptist-Church” picketers showed up to protest at Elizabeth Edward’s funeral on Saturday because she said she was comfortable with gay marriage. “The Picketeers” (I picture them as a little club wearing Devil horn beanies) seem to have lost steam on this one. Only 5 “Picketeers” showed up — and 2 of them were children. Maybe some of the regular “Picketeers” were too busy praying for plague and pestilence to show up for the event.

It amazes me that anyone would protest at the funeral of another human being, no matter how much his or her religious beliefs may conflict with those of the deceased. The Westboro cult defies the boundaries of decency and anything remotely resembling charity. The religious little “Picketeers” carried signs with messages such as “Thank God for Breast Cancer.”

While the 5 faithful “Picketeers” were trying to ruin the solemn occasion for the family and friends of Elizabeth Edwards, a larger group of her supporters carried signs bearing messages such as “Hero” and “Hope.” They outnumbered the mean little “Picketeers” and successfully diminished their presence. Basically, the “Picketeers” just looked like idiots.

R.I.P. Elizabeth Edwards.

As for the Westboro Baptist Church and its merry band of Picketeers:





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