GLAD Competes for $25K Grant from Pepsi Refresh

I received the following e-mail from GLAD (Gay Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) today and thought it was important to pass on …  GLAD has been instrumental in groundbreaking legal work that has gained the LGBT community many rights.   Please do your part to help them continue to help you.

Dear Irene,

As we begin a new year, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your support in 2010, and to ask for your help in a new project.

Help us raise $25,000 – not by giving us money, but by giving us a little of your time.

On January 1st, we received the great news that GLAD had been selected to compete for a $25,000 grant as part of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, an initiative supporting innovative ideas to improve society. If we win, we’ll use those funds to help LGBT youth, letting them know their rights and how to enforce them to ensure a safe learning environment in school.

You can help us win that grant by signing up to be a daily voter for GLAD and the “Progressive Slate” we have joined to increase our chances of winning.

Ordinarily we steer clear of contests like this, but Pepsi is giving away a significant amount of money and, more importantly, we have a strategy that gives us a great shot at winning. We’re pooling our resources and our voting blocs with a group of 9 other organizations – including GLSEN, Netroots Nation, PROMO and Equality Pennsylvania. Working together, we all stand a much greater chance of being successful than if we competed alone. In fact, this strategy has helped win over $1,000,000 for 25 previous participants in the “progressive slate” coalition.

As a daily voter, you will receive a short email each morning during the month of January with a link where you can cast 10 votes each day for all the organizations on the Progressive Slate. The contest runs through January and we’ll know by the end of the month whether or not we’ve won. It’s that easy.

Your support already helps us win legal and legislative challenges. Two minutes of your time each morning this month can help us win the Pepsi Challenge, too. Please sign up today, and please remember to vote!

Lee’s Signature
Lee Swislow
Executive Director

Note: in order to start casting votes, you’ll need to create a profile on the Pepsi Refresh Everything website or login using Facebook. Progressive Slate organizers will only use your email for communication related directly to the progressive slate.

Sign up to be a
daily voter for the
Progressive Slate

and help us empower LGBT youth, like
former GLAD InfoLine
Caller Jason Haas


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Disclaimer:  The information, comments and links posted on the blog do not constitute legal advice.   I will not respond to any specific legal questions in the comments section of this blog. Read my entire disclaimer.

copyright 2011 Irene C. Olszewski


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