The Status of Gay Marriage Repeal Legislation in New Hampshire

Same-sex marriage became legal in the State of New Hampshire in 2009.  Per usual, there was an almost immediate push by gay marriage opponents to repeal the law.  It doesn’t appear that it will be happening this year.

Here are some articles on the issue:

New Hampshire GOP Decides Against Gay Marriage Repeal … For Now []

NH Gay Marriage Opponents Confident of Repeal [Boston Globe]



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6 comments on “The Status of Gay Marriage Repeal Legislation in New Hampshire

  1. James Joseph says:

    Please tell me this isn’t going to turn into another California where there are some gay couples who got married just under the gun and that whole other group of gay couples who want to be married but can’t. How long will it take for people to stop with the moral judgments and just figure out that gay couples are no different than straight couples?

  2. Erin says:

    The trouble is that the people who hate gay marriage pretty much eat, sleep and drink the whole anti-gay movement. They always find a ton of money from the churches and all the family groups. We need to have more money to fight. That’s what it comes down to. Money which is supposed to be the root of all evil. Am I sensing a parallel here?

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:

      There will always be people who fight against something they honestly don’t understand. Education is the key. It’s a slow and time-consuming process but the GLBT community has made serious inroads, thanks to organizations like GLAD and the Human Rights Campaign, just to name two. There are many groups out there who spend thousands of hours educating the public. You are correct, however, that the GLBT community needs to fund the efforts. Without the financing, gay rights groups can’t do they work they strive to do. So give what you’re able to give, ask your friends to give … and above all, volunteer your time to fight for the cause. Thanks for your comments. I hope you’ll stop back soon.

  3. Poppy says:

    We work so hard to be able to get married and then some ignorant fools decide that our marriages are somehow immoral. Gay and lesbian couples have existed forever. It’s not like we’re suddenly going to stop being couples. It’s just so discouraging when you volunteer so much time to try to get gay marriage laws to pass and then as soon as you do, the anti-gay groups are right there to ruin the moment.

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:

      Sadly, it’s an uphill battle for true equality. Please don’t get discouraged. Keep volunteering and fighting for the cause. One day, it will pay off. Try to persuade your straight allies to join the cause. That’s what can really make a serious difference. Thanks for reading. Your comment was most appreciated.

  4. Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:

    It’s never a shock to me when gay marriage passes in a state and the opponents of gay marriage start putting pressure on the lawmakers to repeal it before the ink is even dry. I will say it over and over again … we have to change the thinking of the general public one person at a time. Gay and lesbian couples are no different than straight couples. You’re right about that. Thanks for the comment.

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