What Do You Mean I’m Not A Scorpio?

Author’s Note: I posted this on Attorney O’s Midnight Musings today … can you tell I’m not happy?

scorpioFor 50 years, my zodiac sign has been Scorpio. I fit every description I’ve ever read about my Scorpio self (minus the bad parts, of course). They all say I’m intense, passionate about everything I do, tenacious, hard-working and loyal. People who know me can attest to the fact that I never give up, I never sleep (too busy being tenacious and hard-working), and I don’t miss much that’s going on around me. I’m also more loyal than your dog.

I’m a water sign. By definition, water signs are attuned to waves of emotion, and often seem to have a built-in sonar for reading a mood. That’s me. The built-in mood-reading sonar. Don’t try to fool me because I can read your face or your body language without the slightest effort.

I’m a Scorpio, tried and true.

shocked_womanEnter astronomer Parke Kunkle who claims that due to changes in the Earth’s alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have changed. He also believes there may actually be a 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus. According to his theory, all of the signs basically are changed so that we would all be the sign that comes before the sign we are now.

Okay, folks. There’s just no darn way that this proud Scorpio has suddenly become a Libra. No offense intended to any Libras out there in the blogosphere. I might actually fit the definition of Libra (the good parts, of course). I’d suddenly be an Air sign. No big deal there. Air signs are supposed to be thinkers and I think a lot.

I’m a Scorpio. I like being a Scorpio. And darn it all, I want to stay a Scorpio so get the heck out of my way or I’ll be forced to sting you!

scorpio tail




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2 comments on “What Do You Mean I’m Not A Scorpio?

  1. habner1 says:

    As another Scorpio that is also the son of a Scorpio I feel your pain.

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