NOM’s Maggie Gallagher … Some of My “Favorite” Moments.

The National Organization for Marriage is against same-sex marriage.  That’s old news.  It’s vocal (and highly homophobic) president, Maggie Gallagher, is pleased to let the world know how terrible life would be for those straight married folks if gays have the right to be married, too.  That’s also old news but Maggie can’t get enough of the argument.

Just for fun, I’ve collected a couple of videos of Maggie at her finest.

Maggie faces off with Joe Solmonese of the HRC on MSNBC’s Hardball:

Maggie on CNN’s AC360:

NOM Tour Tracker:

And finally, just because it’s fun … Here’s a parody of a Maggie’s interview created by someone’s clever editing skills:

Before I end, I also have to pass along this link to a post on NOM Exposed that talks about how Maggie’s testimony helped sway a Maryland Senator to re-think his views against gay marriage! You have to love it when that happens.  Maybe it’s time to recruit Maggie to push for gay marriage in all 50 states!

Read:   Maggie Wins One for Us?


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