The Westboro Baptist Church Lawyer Speaks

In the aftermath of their Free Speech victory, Westboro Baptist Church’s lawyer gave an interview on Fox News.  For those who didn’t know this fact, their lawyer is Margie Phelps, daughter of the infamous “God Hates Fags” Reverend Fred Phelps.  I guess it made fiscal sense to send one of their own to law school, but I digress.

The irony of their Free Speech victory is that they are asserting their First Amendment right to protest the funerals of soldiers …. the very people who fight every day to give them that right to free speech.  You just have to love those God-fearing folks.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a question the host posed to Margie during the interview.  I thought it was such a fun question I just had to share:

WALLACE: You talk about your father as God-fearing. Your father had 13 children. Two of your brothers, Nate and Mark, say that your father abused your mother and abused you kids. They describe savage beatings and violent outbursts. In fact, one of your brothers, Mark, said this — “we had to watch out for this madman.”

The following is the video of Margie’s TV appearance along with a transcript of the broadcast.  I promise you’ll absolutely love it:

Westboro Baptist Church Leader Talks Supreme Court Ruling

Here’s a wonderful piece from the Huffington Post on the same issue (it includes the same video but the article is worthy of your time):

Westboro Baptist Church Attorney: U.S. Military Worse Than Al Qaeda

I’ll say this for Margie and the gang, they have unusually strange views!  All hail free speech.

P.S.  As a bonus, I just couldn’t resist this little tid-bit:

Anonymous Takes Down Westboro Baptist Church Website During Live Interview

And just because I’m feeling extra generous tonight (and it’s what we’ve all been thinking anyway):


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