Colorado House Votes Down Civil Union Bill

According to the Denver Post,on Thursday night a state House committee voted 6-5 against a proposed civil union bill that would have given Colorado gays and lesbians many of the rights of marriage.  The vote was split down party lines with the Republicans opposing.


According to one of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Mark Ferrandino (who himself is gay):

“What makes me saddest,” Ferrandino said, “is there were people on that committee who were, I think, supportive in their hearts but weren’t willing to stand up against the leadership and the far-right fringe of their party.”

Read: House panel kills bill on civil unions on 6-5 party-line vote [Denver Post]


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2 comments on “Colorado House Votes Down Civil Union Bill

  1. TomTom says:

    We were so angry and sad when the vote was announced. My partner and I just want to be able to have our relationship recognized in Colorado. We love the state and don’t want to have to move to a place where our relationship is valued legally. I don’t understand why the Republicans fight so hard to prevent us from having the same rights every other couple in this state already have. How will that hurt anyone?

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:

      TomTom, I was also sad when the vote was announced. I hope that the fair-minded citizens of Colorado will stand up and fight for GLBT rights. Rather than allow defeat, you and the other gay and lesbian residents of Colorado must do your part to educate those who will ultimately vote on such important issues in the future. You must work to create gay/straight alliances among the voters. That is the only way change will take place. I hope you and your partner don’t have to wait too long for that change. Thanks for writing. I hope you’ll become a regular reader.

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