Tennessee Senator to Introduce ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield is scheduled to introduce his “Don’t Say Gay” bill (SB049) to the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday (April 13th).   The bill would require that “no public elementary or middle school shall provide any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.“

I particularly like this language:

(1) The general assembly recognizes the sensitivity of particular subjects
that are best explained and discussed in the home. Human sexuality is a
complex subject with societal, scientific, psychological, and historical
implications; those implications are best understood by children with sufficient
maturity to grasp their complexity.

Wow, this scares me. I’m hoping it scares you just as much. If you live in the State of Tennessee, please call, e-mail and write to your legislators and urge them to put the kibosh on this one before it even gets out of the box.

Talk about discrimination at its finest.


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6 comments on “Tennessee Senator to Introduce ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

  1. GeorgiaGril says:

    Exactly how would that be a good thing for our children? To pretend that gay people don’t exist seems a lot like having your head in the sand. It just amazes me the way politicians and those family groups devote all their energy to such crazy hateful projects that just demean other people. My sister is gay and she lives in a state that allows gay marriage. She has a child that her wife adopted. I don’t think their child should be stuck in a school system that pretends his mothers reality doesn’t exist because that means his reality doesn’t exist either. Boo to that Tennessee senator. Boo to anyone who doesn’t vote against his ridiculous law.

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:

      Point well taken. I agree … so “boo” to everyone who works so hard to prevent lesbian and gay citizens from enjoying simple human rights and freedoms. “Boo” to those who hide behind hysteria to prevent the recognition of gay/lesbian relationships. Thanks for reading, Georgia.

  2. India Reed says:

    This bill has no right in human society. All amendments allow human freedom and in order for children to have what they should have to be introduced to all of the possibilities. This is just another way of trying to minimize the LGBT community in America. What’s even worse is you’re taking a child’s choice away by not even giving them the option to choose.

  3. Debbie says:

    I was born and raised in Tennessee. Some of my family still live there. I also was raised as a Southern Baptist. I was Saved, Baptized and followed the paths that I felt God led me. I’m also Lesbian. When my partner (of 17 years) told me of this legislation, I thought she was kidding. Then she showed me. For the life of me I cannot believe how stupid people really are, and I further cannot believe the voters in the stat of Tn. or any other state for that matter keep falling for these ridiculous antics these politicians keep coming up with.

    Being a Lesbian and being of Christian Faith has always had obstacles. If I died would I go to Heaven? I finally found peace with that one day and decided that God created each of us to be different and to decide our destiny. I believe that God Loves me for the person that I am, and that in His Word, He said, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” I feel comfort in knowing in my heart that I have always held Him first in my Spritual Life, and how could He possibly turn away anyone that believes in Him as strongly as I. Then people wonder why people from Tn. are called “dumb ol’ Hillbillies, then garbage like this surfaces. I’m sure I’ll get blasted for this, but bring it on.. Thanks.

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:


      Thanks for having the courage to share your views. I hope it makes a difference in Tennessee.

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