‘The Family Leader’ Compares Gay Marriage to Second-Hand Smoke.

I had a completely different post planned for tonight and was well under way writing it when I happened upon a video that made me laugh out loud.  That lead to some research.  Lo and behold, I uncovered the goodies.  Rather than paraphrase any of it, I’ll tip my hat to Good As You for a fine post and a fabulous bit of sleuthing and finish off this post with the link to a great clip aired on The Colbert Report.  Who says I’m not a lot of fun?

And yes, these links are all about the whole gay marriage is like second-hand smoke thing ….

Read:  Iowa’s Family Leader Tour:  To Where, exactly, do they wish to lead the state’s gays?

Now enjoy the video clip.  There’s a brief commercial before it begins, so be patient. 

View:  Threat Level: Rainbow.


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2 comments on “‘The Family Leader’ Compares Gay Marriage to Second-Hand Smoke.

  1. GeorgiaGril says:

    Same-sex marriage is like second hand smoke? Wow what a distorted view of the truth that “family leader” guy has of gay marriage. I wonder if he ever met any gay couples? Or is he too busy fueling his straight arrogance to try to see that real gay couples are not some horrible abomination? My sister is gay and I adore the woman she married. Their marriage isn’t like second hand smoke. Trust me on that. How offensive and small minded. I really loved that parody video too. How do you find these gems to post?

    • Irene C. Olszewski, Esq. says:

      I rather think that people with such views have never taken the time to get to know gay or lesbian couples — or individuals, for that matter. Generally, when one decent person takes the time to get to know another decent person, sexual orientation doesn’t matter. I find his views offensive and small-minded as well. Thanks for reading. Your comment was most appreciated.

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