Texas Man Upset Daughter was in Lesbian Relationship Kills Woman and her Mother

Homophobia is a frightening fact of life in the GLTB community.  It’s even more frightening when a man kills his daughter’s same-sex partner (and her mother) because he’s upset that his daughter is in a lesbian relationship.  That’s allegedly what occurred in Austin, Texas.

According to a post on Statesman.com, the gunman, Jose Alfonso Aviles, 45, was arrested on capital murder charges at approximately 4:30 this morning in San Antonio by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force.  It remains to be seen whether or not the State will charge Aviles with a hate crime.

Read:   Witness: Gunman upset daughter was in relationship

A similar incident occurred in Florida last year when Jerry Lee Seger strangled his daughter’s lesbian partner. It is believed that part of his motive was their lesbian relationship.

Read:   Father Allegedly Kills Daughter’s Lesbian Lover, Abandons Body in Foreclosed Home

It’s important to educate the general public that lesbian and gay couples are the same as their heterosexual counterparts in every way.  Obliterating hate and bigotry is everyone’s responsibility.  It’s time to end the senseless violence.


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