A Word from GLSEN Connecticut on HB 6599

With a vote on HB 6599 looming ever closer, it’s important to add your support to this bill now. I received the following in an e-mail from GLSEN Connecticut and thought it worthy of passing along:

Connecticut is one of the few states to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but not gender identity, leaving transgender and gender nonconforming students without these crucial protections. HB 6599, an important bill that has already passed the state House, would help to correct this disparity, but only if we can bring it to a vote in the Senate before the legislative session ends on June 8th! HB 6599 would add gender identity and gender expression to all Connecticut non-discrimination laws, including those that protect students in schools.

The Senate leadership needs to hear from you. Please call now and tell them you support this bill!

Transgender students often face terrible discrimination and harassment in school. HB 6599 will help to correct this appalling situation by making it clear that ALL students should be protected in Connecticut, including transgender students.

Time is running out! Please call:

Senator Donald Williams: 800-842-1420 (Office) or 860-774-0164 (Home)
Senator Martin Looney: 800-842-1420 (Office) or 203-468-8829 (Home)
Senator John McKinney:800-842-1421 (Office) or 203-254-1639 (Home)

Talking Points for your call:

I am a student (or parent, educator, Connecticut resident, etc.) who cares about equality and safe schools for all students and I’m calling today to urge the Senator to support HB 6599, which would provide nondiscrimination protections for transgender students.

There are already a number of states that have nondiscrimination protections for transgender people. This is a vulnerable population that deserves fairness and equality.

In addition to providing workplace protections, this bill would create protections for transgender students, which would help to reduce rampant discrimination, bullying, and harassment such students often face in schools.

These protections are very important. Research shows that nearly nine in ten transgender students have been verbally harassed in school due to their gender expression, and more than half have also been physically assaulted.

However, most transgender students do not feel that they can report incidents of victimization to school authorities. That is why this bill is so necessary – it is about equality for all citizens in Connecticut.

Optional – Offer a personal story – from you, a friend, a student you know, your child, a neighbor, etc. Your personal experiences (or those of people you know) help lawmakers really understand why this bill is so critical.

I ask the Senator to show their commitment to protecting ALL students in Connecticut by supporting HB 6599, opposing all discriminatory amendments, and bringing this important bill to a vote in the Senate.
Thank you for your time.

Time is limited ACT NOW! – Transgender students in Connecticut deserve safe schools. Call the Senate leadership today and ask them to support this important bill!

Additional information and talking points are available from ctEQUALITY.

Leif Mitchell and Liane Roseman


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