Maine Senate Kills Bill to Repeal Protections for Transgender Citizens

In a sweeping 23-11 vote, the Maine legislature voted against the passage of LD1046, An Act To Amend the Application of the Maine Human Rights Act Regarding Public Accommodations.  The bill was aimed at taking away protections for transgendered persons in public restroom and shower facilities.

The bill’s summary reads as follows:

“This bill provides that it is not unlawful public accommodations discrimination, in violation of the Maine Human Rights Act, for a public or private entity to restrict rest room or shower facilities that are part of public accommodations to restrict the use of singlesex facilities to members of a biological sex regardless of sexual orientation. Unless otherwise indicated, a rest room or shower facility designated for one biological sex is presumed to be restricted to that biological sex.”

Kudos to the State of Maine for not legislating more discriminatory laws.

Source: GLAD via Facebook


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