The Aftermath of New York’s Gay Marriage Triumph

It comes as no surprise that in the aftermath of gay marriage becoming a reality in New York, there would be a backlash.  We all know this backlash will continue for quite some time.  I’ve been watching the hoopla with great interest.  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve found on the topic:

According to Dr. Ted Baehr (who pens “movies reviews through a Christian perspective” for WorldNetDaily):

“The church has to reclaim marriage as its unique institution. Whatever anyone wants to do outside of the church may be their business, but it is not sanctioned by God’s law. The state has the right to regulate only what the Constitution allows it to regulate, because there is no liberty for license. But, the state does not have the right to tell the church that any couple outside of the faith is married.”

Alrighty then.  Oh wait, there’s more:

“New York and the other increasingly socialized states have not only violated God’s law, they have also violated their own Constitution and the will of the governed.”

I thought the guy wrote movie reviews.  I must’ve missed this movie.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had this to say about the legalization of gay marriage in new York:

“I think we are drifting towards a terrible muddle which I think is going to be very, very difficult and painful to work our way out of,”

Did he really end that statement with a preposition?

NOM is hopping mad at the Republicans who voted for gay marriage in New York and they’re  going after them in force.  Here’s a frightening bit of  NOM rhetoric:

“Gay marriage has consequences for the next generation, for parents, and for religious people, institutions and small business owners.”

I think the consequences of gay marriage frighten me less than NOM’s take on the whole issue.  Yikes!

There’s plenty more out there, folks, but I’ll leave you with this gem from New York Senator Ruben Diaz, the infamous lone Democrat to vote against gay marriage:

“I made history.   I’m the only New York State Democrat that voted against the bill.   I will wear it as a badge of honor.”

How about a nice rainbow tattoo on his forehead?


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copyright 2011 Irene C. Olszewski


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