Presidential Hopeful Michele Bachmann’s “Cure Homosexuality” Clinic & The Marriage Vow Document

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann denied that the clinic owned by her and her husband attempts to “cure” patients of their homosexuality through prayer.  Such practices were discredited by the American Psychological Association in 2009 and are actually considered to be harmful to the patient.

In spite of her denial, ABC News aired a report documenting such goings-on at her clinic.  When asked about the clinic’s practices, Bachmann told reporters:

“We’re very proud of our business and all job creators in the U.S.”

Well, isn’t that just wonderful.

Here’s the link to the video footage and related article:

Michele Bachmann Clinic: Where You Can Pray Away the Gay?

Bachmann recently also took heat for signing The Marriage Vow, a document drafted by a conservative group known as The Family Leader, requiring all candidates to swear to define marriage as between a man and a woman.  Whoopi Goldberg blasted the action on The View:

Watch: Whoopi Blasts Michele Bachmann’s Pledge

It’s clear that Michele Bachmann doesn’t get it.  But hey, she does create jobs.


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