Bachmann Would Reinstate DADT Policy If Elected President!

I apologize for my absence but to be honest, I’ve had a lot going on these last couple of weeks.  I truly hope you’ll forgive me.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been paying attention to the world of politics, you likely already know that presidential-hopeful Michelle Bachmann isn’t exactly gay-friendly.  Oops, she won’t be getting the gay vote, that’s for sure.

In yet another wonderful example of her lack of support of the gay community, Bachmann has declared that if elected president, she will reinstate the discriminatory Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy!  Yes, she’s a piece of work. If you missed it, here’s an article for your review.

Read:  Bachmann would reinstate US gay troops ban

I also previously posted on Bachmann’s signing of the Marriage Vow and her clinic that “cures” gays of their homosexuality here.

Yeah, she would be a great leader for this democracy.  Right.


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