“Gay? Fine By Me” Tee-Shirt Causes Uproar At Alabama School … But Works Out In The End!

Thanks to free speech -and the Southern Poverty Law Center — an Alabama teen who proudly wore a tee-shirt proclaiming, “Gay? Fine By Me” that was initially banned by her school administrators is now able to wear her shirt again!

School officials claimed they were worried for the teen’s safety.  She claims to have worn the shirt many times and had never experienced so much as a threat.

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote the school a firm letter alerting them to a possible lawsuit if the nonsense didn’t stop immediately.  The school obviously thought better of restricting free speech.

Read the letter here.

Read:   Alabama School Restores Student’s Free Speech Rights After SPLC Intervenes


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copyright 2011 Irene C. Olszewski

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