Warning: Anti-Gay Bill in North Carolina

It appears that the State of North Carolina has jumped on the homophobia train. Yesterday, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed a proposed anti-LGBT state constitutional amendment that would ban marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships and other relationship recognition for same-sex couples. The vote was 75-42. The State Senate is expected to vote on the bill today.

The Republican-sponsored bill required 72 votes to pass. Sadly, some Democrats assisted in the passage of the bill. North Carolina already has a law banning same-sex marriage.

State Representative Larry W. Womble (D) had this to say to the his colleagues:

“This proposed piece of legislation is clearly an example of discrimination,” Womble said. “It is discrimination in its highest form…We’ve been so silent on some of the atrocities committed in this state against other people, human beings; the only difference is it might be the texture of their hair, the pigmentation of their skin or the color of their eyes. We are again today discriminating against people who are citizens. They are not criminals. They’ve not broken any laws. I assume they register and vote. They go to school. They work. They want to ascribe to the best that this society can offer…North Carolina is bigger than this. North Carolina is better than this. We need to rise to the occasion as we have done before when there’s been issues that are not right and not fair.”

Well said.

According to news-record.com, Rep. Kelly Alexander (D) compared the anti-LGBT amendment to anti-miscegenation laws of North Carolina’s 19th century postbellum past:

“Now is the time to thoughtfully stand against those people who are outside of these chambers and are clamoring for us to do something that is not logical or in the best interest of the people of this state,” he said. “Please vote against amending our constitution in this totally 19th century way.”


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