Help Preserve the Right for Same-Sex Couples to Marry in New Hampshire

As you already know, the New Hampshire Judiciary is acting on the Bates Bill that seeks to repeal same-sex marriage in that state and replace it with civil unions.

Standing Up For New Hampshire Families is a coalition established to fight to preserve marriage equality.  They need your support. Click here to read more about the coalition.  Be sure to join.

It;s not enough for lesbians and gays to support this cause.  Please do your part to educate your heterosexual family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors about same-sex marriage and why it’s so important that same-sex couples be allowed to enjoy the same rights that their heterosexual counterparts take for granted.

Pass this on to every person you know and ask them to spread the word.  It’s not just New Hampshire that is under threat.  It’s important to educate the general public now before this epidemic spreads even further than it already has.  Please do your part.


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