Houston’s Mayor Won’t Back Down on Marriage Equality

Annise Parker is serving her second term as mayor of Houston.  The openly lesbian official has a strong stance on marriage equality and she’s not backing down.

On the issue of marriage equality, Parker says that President Obama “needs to evolve a little bit faster and is not clearly where I think he ought to be.” She supports activists who believe that the Democratic National Committee should include marriage equality in the platform to be discussed at the convention this year.

“I think it should [include marriage equality], period, end of sentence,” she said.

Parker echoed my own sentiments when she said:

“Please, Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? That’s truly scary. Mitt Romney — not a good choice.”

The following article also contains the audio portion of a radio interview with Parker:

Annise Parker, Houston Mayor, On President Obama, Gay Marriage And Being An Out Politician


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