Secrets of the Law Bloggers

As I mentioned on Monday night, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion before an audience of my colleagues for an event called Secrets of the Law Bloggers.  I thought tonight’s event went well.  I had a great time.

As most of  you already know, I also author Attorney O’s Midnights Musings blog, which was launched approximately one month before this one.  The other panelists consisted of Adrian M. Baron (Podorowsky, Thompson & Baron, New Britain) who authors The Nutmeg Lawyer; Daniel B. Fitzgerald (Brody Wilkinson PC), author of  Connecticut Sports Law;  Ryan C. McKeen (Leone Throwe Teller & Nagle, East Hartford), author of both A Connecticut Law Blog and his newest endeavor, Connecticut. Runner. Lawyer.; and Daniel A. Schwartz (Pullman & Comley LLC, Hartford) who authors Connecticut Employment Law Blog.  It was  an honor and a privilege to share the panel with those fine lawyer bloggers.


The questions posed by the moderators made us think.  One of the questions was “why do you blog?”  As time goes on (it’s been nearly 3 years since I launched my blogs), one often forgets to think about the origins of that decision.  I blog because I love to write, I love to inform, I love to learn and I love to meet new people.  As a blogger, I am able to satisfy all of those loves in one fell swoop (or two fell swoops, as it were).  Authoring 2 blogs opens my world up to a the possibility of many unique relationships.

Just as we were there tonight to impart our so-called “secrets” and experience to aspiring bloggers, I, for one, was also there to learn.  Not just from my fellow bloggers but from the audience.  I learned through the anecdotes of the other panelists and I learned through the questions posed by both the moderators and the audience.  It was quite the night for reflection and insight.

I’ve had a relationship with some of the other panelists for a couple of years now.  By that, I mean that we’ve communicated via e-mails, social media and comments posted to each others’ blogs.  Tonight was the first time some of us actually met face to face!  That was another benefit of having chosen to blog.

To the CBA’s Young Lawyer Section:  thanks for including me.   Special thanks to the moderators for taking the time to fashion some great questions.  And a great big thanks to the lawyers who came out to learn the secrets of the law bloggers.  I hope we inspired you to toss your hat into the blogging ring.


[Photos by Deborah A. Gingras]


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2 comments on “Secrets of the Law Bloggers

  1. Gideon Alper says:

    Irene, congratulations on being invited to the panel. The posts you have on this blog are great! Well-deserved.

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