‘Honoring America’s Veterans Act’ Impacts Westboro Baptist Church

The folks at Westboro Baptist Church were not thwarted by the new legislation signed by President Obama, known as Honoring America’s Veterans Act and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012.  The Act provides that protesters must be at least 300 feet from military funerals from two hours before they start until two hours after they end.

The Westboro Baptist Church is well known for picketing military funerals because of its belief that deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are God’s punishment for the United States’ tolerance of homosexuality.

According to CNN, Steven Drain, spokesman for Westboro, said the new restrictions were “really not going to change our plans at all.”

“We’re going to continue to [protest],” Drain said. “We’re also going to continue to obey all laws.”

The merry little band of picketeers, as I affectionately call them, just love their right to free speech.  It’s sad that their use of that right is so misguided.


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