Illinois Family Institute Issues Back-To-School Warnings for Parents

Ah, it just continues, folks.  Ridiculousness abounds.  The Illinois Family Institute suggests that parents should challenge those teachers who bring their ‘radical’ ideas into the classroom.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Parents can object to teachers rather than texts. Here are some suggestions for parents who are fed up with the subtle and not so subtle messages that activist teachers of a liberal bent work into their classroom teaching…”

Pretty much, they are targeting teachers who don’t believe in hate and bigotry:

“If parents have children who have already gone through the school or have already completed a year or more, they should ask those children and/or their friends or friends’ parents which teachers are known for bringing their politics into the classroom or who displays a “Safe Space” sticker, the inverted pink triangle, the rainbow flag, or the lower case Greek letter “lambda” on their desk, classroom door, or wall.”


Just for fun, you can read their warning booklet:   Challenge Teachers NOT BOOKS  [It’s a .pdf file]

By gosh, be careful when your children return to school.  You never know what those radical-minded teachers might be taching them!


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