Myth: Same-Sex marriage Threatens Religious Freedoms

Those who oppose same-sex marriage are fond of using the scare tactic that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry will threaten religious freedoms.  That is simply a  myth.  The problem is that some people out there in voter land believe it to be true.  Yikes!

Statutes enacted by states that allow same-sex marriage are careful to exempt clergy from having to perform marriage ceremonies for gay couples if doing so is against their religious beliefs.  That said, how can one argue that same-sex marriage threatens religious freedoms?  If a religion’s doctrine does not approve of same-sex marriage, that religion is not forced to perform marriages for same-sex couples.  Simple.

With same-sex marriage on the ballot in 4 states, it is more important than ever to spread the word that there is a serious difference between fact and myth where this issue is concerned.

I came across an insightful post on the topic published by Kathy Baldock of Canyonwalker Connections that you really should read.  It says it all.

Read:   Same-Sex Marriage Does Not Impact Religious Liberty


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